How to Delete Instagram Messages from Both Sides

Direct messaging has changed our lives in the digital world. You could be sitting in one corner of the planet and be sending messages to someone sitting on the other. The direct messaging feature is available on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can send posts, texts, videos, or images via Instagram DMs.

How to Delete Instagram Messages from Both Sides

We all use Instagram DMS on an almost daily basis. Sending and receiving messages is the primary part of how Instagram’s direct messaging feature works. On certain occasions, we find ourselves sending a message to someone not intended to or sending an embarrassing message to someone by mistake.

And every time something unfortunate like this happens, we all think about whether there is a way to unsend or delete that particular message, not just from our end but also from the receiver’s end.

Sometimes, you may accidentally send a message to the wrong person. The panic is real when you accidentally end up sending the wrong text to someone. The only solution that comes to our mind when this happens is how to delete messages from both sides.

Fortunately, Instagram introduced the ‘unsend’ feature, allowing people to delete messages from both sides. Once you unsend your messages from your side, they will automatically be deleted from the other end too. This feature is extremely helpful as you can always take your words back before further damage.

In this article, we will tell you how to delete messages from both sides of Instagram. So, sit tight with us till the end of this article and learn how you can do it. Let’s dive deep into how you can unsend messages on both sides of Instagram.

Delete Instagram Messages from Both Sides Via Instagram DMs

In Instagram DMS, when you want to delete or unsend a particular message, all you need to do is, hold on to the message for 3 seconds, and then an icon to unsend the message will pop up. Tap on it, and your message will be unsent.

To say it plainly, in other words, your message will not be visible anymore to you or to the receiver.

But it is not that simple. There is one very particular thing you need to keep in mind. The trick, as mentioned earlier, only works if you send the message. If the other person sent the message, you could not delete it from both sides until you have access to the account of the person who sent the message.

You can delete the message from your account, and it will not be visible to you anymore, but the sender will still be able to see the message until it’s not deleted from their end.

Steps to unsend messages from both sides on Instagram:

Step 1: Open Instagram DMs.

Step 2: Open the direct message.

Step 3: Hold on to the direct message for about 3 seconds.

Step 4: Tap the “Unsend” button that just popped up.

By doing so, you have successfully deleted your sent message from the Instagram DM. That being said, remember one thing, the message still could have been seen by the receiver via a notification on their phone if they had their app notifications on the Instagram app. According to the recent bug update, the message gets unsent from the notification as soon as you unsend it from the chat. And if they are offline, they will never know!

However, the key takeaway from unsending your message is that the other person will not know what and who unsent the message. For instance, Instagram will only notify the person that someone unsent a message. However, the identity and the other person’s message still remain anonymous.

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