How to See Followers of Private Instagram Accounts – Methods!

Social media have taken over the modern age, and it is almost impossible for this generation to function without using them. Some people use it to communicate with their loved ones, and others to showcase their daily lifestyle on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many more.

How to View Followers of Private Instagram Account

The best thing about social media platforms is that users can choose the amount of privacy they desire. They can post stuff daily, keep an open account and still lead a private life, and, on the other hand, one can literally show everything they have been doing since morning.

But some people keep a shallow profile and are just there to communicate and consume content while choosing who has access to it. The user can keep his/her account private, so people have to send the following request if they want to have access to information like whom the user is following or what the user is posting.

Instagram allows people to either keep their profile open where anyone can see the content they post. Secondly, it also gives the option to keep their profile private.

Have you ever wondered how you could view the followers of a private Instagram account? We all get curious sometimes to see who people are following. For example, you may be curious to see who your ex is following through their Instagram account. But since you do not follow them, you may not be able to access their followers and following list.

But wait. The internet has a solution to almost every problem that crosses your mind about social media. So, does that mean you can view followers of a private account on Instagram?

Well, in this article, we will discuss private Instagram accounts and how you can view their followers. So, stick to the end to find out more!

Can You See Someone’s Followers if Their Instagram Account is Private?

The answer to your question is that you literally cannot view the followers of a private Instagram account. The developers of Instagram have ensured that individuals’ privacy is maintained. Since they decided to keep their account private, Instagram does not allow others to breach their privacy and go beyond their policies.

While this can be bad news for those who are curious to find out about someone’s followers, it is also good to know how strict Instagram is. After all, you would not want some random person to see your followers list. Right?

Since there is no direct method, there are a few workarounds and direct methods to see their followers list. Let’s check them below!

Send The Following Request

We know this method sounds straight, but this is one of the easiest and safest methods to check someone’s followers if their Instagram account is private.

When you desire to access the followers of a private Instagram account, you can go to their profile and look for a button labeled “Follow.” Once you hit the follow button, your request to follow that particular individual will be sent to them, and if they approve the request, you can see their followers. But, if they ignore or decline your request, they want their privacy to be respected, and there is nothing you can do about it.

After sending a follow request, it’ll look like this.

Ask Via Direct Messaging

Instagram has a Direct messaging feature that you can use to send the user a message explaining why you want to follow them or give them a reference if they know you and have forgotten you in order to remind them.

Your message will go in their message request section; if they reply and approve your follow request, you can easily access their follower list. But, if they don’t, you cannot access their follower list. You need to be patient because the user might take a number of days to view your message request, and there is no way you can know if the user has seen your message until they approve your message request.

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