How to Unredeem Amazon Gift Card: Multiple Working Methods Listed!

Sending gifts to your loved ones and receiving gifts from them has always been exciting. There are many ways to send gifts to your loved ones. However, what if we told you that you could send them to cash in a different form instead of any particular gift?

How to Unredeem Amazon Gift Card

Your loved one may or may not like the gift, or there might be an issue with the size. But instead, if you send a gift card which is a form of cash, it can only be used inside Amazon to buy whatever they want.

When you buy an Amazon gift card and send it to someone, they can redeem it at the end of the order. This eliminates the possibility of you getting the wrong order for them, and they also get to buy a thing they always wished for, and maybe nobody knew about it.

Amazon gift cards have been around for a while, and multiple users have gifted them to their loved ones on various occasions. As you know, you can check if someone has redeemed your sent card or not. There remains a question if you can un-redeem an Amazon gift card.

But wait. Is it even possible to do it? If yes, then how can it be done?

There may be an instance where someone accidentally redeemed their Amazon gift card. Similarly, someone else may have redeemed their Amazon gift card. In such a situation, you might want to know the possibility to unredeem your Amazon gift card.

In this article, we will teach you different methods to unredeem your Amazon gift card without any complicated steps. With that, let’s get into the details below!

Unredeem Your Amazon Gift Card Via the Amazon Customer Care

Sometimes it happens that we redeem the Amazon voucher using the wrong account, or the wrong account redeemed it, and we want the voucher to be transferred to a different account. This is a case where you personally cannot do anything.

You need to contact customer care of Amazon and explain the issue in order to get the solution. You can ask Amazon customer care to check the provided details and reverse your gift card. You need to keep in mind that if the Amazon gift card was used from the wrong account, there is nothing you can do. This case is purely when the gift card has not been redeemed yet, and it has been transferred to the wrong account.

You can call Amazon customer support by calling on their number or reach out to their support through email. Additionally, you can also leave your queries and doubts at Amazon’s Twitter handle, and the team will work hard to solve your question. You will be assigned a separate customer support member who can help you unredeem your Amazon gift card.

Note: Unredeeming is possible only in certain situations. There is no official statement by Amazon if they can unredeem your gift card in any way. However, if you have a genuine reason, Amazon may help you with the same.

Unredeem Your Amazon Gift Card Via The Amazon App

If you have redeemed your Amazon gift card by the wrong account and you want to speak with customer care and get your card transferred to a different account, you can do it via the help section available in your Amazon app and website.

If you want to do it, we have an app or website. A series of particular steps need to be followed and kept in mind to speak with customer care and get your Amazon gift card transferred back to the right account.

Let us get into the detailed step-by-step guide to doing so. First, you need to go to the help section, start a chat or a call with an agent, and then follow these steps in a particular order.

Step 1: Let them know that it is an Amazon gift card and you want to transfer it back to your account. Tell them the type of card it is. It can either be a physical or an e-gift card.

Step 2: Now, patiently explain the issue and, upon asking, provide them the gift card ID so that they can check if it’s redeemed or not.

Step 3: After the verification is done, you can request them to reverse the gift card to the source ID. They will do it if it is not claimed.

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